Presidency School

Student council and prefectorial body

The student council is elected by a process of free and fair elections conducted in a very democratic and transparent way. The Investiture ceremony which inducts them into the cabinet is a solemn occasion with students taking oath. They promise to lead the school and their house keeping in mind the spirit of competition and fairness. The student council attend the Leadership Workshop which exposes them to various interactive sessions of lecture and activities. The workshop focuses mainly on team building skills and enhancement of leadership qualities among the cabinet members.

Sl. No Name of the Student Grade Post
1 Shruthi Karnam XII Head Girl
2 Prajawal XII Head Boy
3 Ayush Murthy XI Assistant Head Boy
4 Ipsita XI Assistant Head Girl
5 Shasank Nimani 10 A School Captain
6 Amrutha George 10 B School Captain
7 Sagar Krishna 9 C School Vice Captain
8 Nanda Kishore 9 B Associate School Vice Captain
9 Ayesha Siddiqua N 9C School Vice Captain
10 Chathurya Srinivasan 9D Associate School Vice Captain
11 Bhargav Gowda 10C Sports Captain
12 Sangeetha.V.A 10C Sports Captain
13 Naresh 9D Sports Vice Captain
14 Abdur 9C Associate Sports Vice Captain
15 Shruthi Sundar 9 A Sports Vice Captain
16 Prateeksha G 9 D Associate Sports Vice Captain
17 Harshananda Gowda 10 D Cultural Captain
18 Apoorva. N 10 C Cultural Captain
19 Kushal M 9 C Cultural Vice Captain
20 Amogh Paniraj 9 D Associate Cultural Vice Captain
21 Kushi Annagiri R 9 C Cultural Vice Captain
22 Sanjani B Rao 9 B Associate Cultural Vice Captain
23 Priyanka Giri 9A Student Coordinators
24 Aishwarya Venkat 9 A Student Coordinators
25 Pavan Kirthi Swaroop 9B Student Coordinators
26 Rakshith T.S 9 C Student Coordinators
27 Rahul Manjunath 10 A Ruby House  Captain
28 Harshadeep K 9 A Ruby House  Vice Captain
29 Divya Govindan 10 D Ruby House  Captain
30 Aadhya Anil 9 A Ruby House  Vice Captain
31 Dharshan 10 C Topaz House Captain
32 Shreyas V Kusur 9 A Topaz House Vice Captain
33 Bhavana 10 B Topaz House Captain
34 Shravya Manjunath 9 D Topaz House Vice Captain
35 Sucheth Hegde 10 D Emerald House Captain
36 Srinath S 9 D Emerald House Vice Captain
37 Neha Shetty 10 B Emerald House Captain
38 Raksha Satish 9 C Emerald House Vice Captain
39 Aditya .B.R 10 A Sapphire House  Captain
40 Suchetan R.S 9 D Sapphire House Vice Captain
41 Chethana. T.S 10 B Sapphire House Captain
42 Shivani S.B 9 C Sapphire House Vice Captain