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Leadership Camp-2017-18

‘One of the most important leadership lessons is realizing you’re not the most important or the most intelligent person in the room at all times’- Mario Batali

Date: 29/07/2017

Venue: Ramdevara Betta

1 Introduction The most awaited event for the year by the cabinet members of all the schools in Presidency is the Leadership Camp and this year it was organized in the lap of Nature at Ramdevarabetta- Ramnagar amidst rocks and trees- the famous location were the Movie Sholay was filmed.

The organizers were ‘AXE ADVETURE ‘team lead by Mr Christopher , Mr.Neeraj, and Mr.Hari.

2 Initiation At The Spot -Students along with escort teachers left their respective schools between 6 and 6.30am early in the morning and reached the venue at 8.00am .The  leaders from Presidency were 191 students accompanied by 21 staff .

The ambience amidst Nature was so inviting that students started

planning their adventures

Welcome Address– After breakfast, Director Doctor Thangadurai welcomed the gathering and gave a few instructions for the students to be safe and thanked the Chairman and Chancellor Mr. Nissar Ahmed for this opportunity given to the student leaders of Presidency.

The Formal welcome was done by student Smriti of Presidency Nandini layout. She welcomed the Director , Principals , Vice Principals and the teachers of all the group schools

Her cordial welcome to the AXE Adventure set the stage to start the events planned by the team.

Team over School – the cabinet members of all the group schools were called to pick bands of different colours so that they form a heterogeneous group, and no more represent their schools but in turn represent their team.

Ice Breaker-  Mr .Christopher commenced the activities with as Ice breaker- 

Got You!

Standing in a circle, the participants had to have their arms out to the side, left hand palm up, right index finger pointing down and touching their neighbor’s outstretched palm. When they hear the word ‘GO’, they had to do two things simultaneously, grab the finger in their left hand, and prevent the right finger from being grabbed.

Me and My Name!

Students were asked to pick up two cards, move around and introduce themselves and take a card from the person they have met. They had be alert and not introduce themselves to their own school members, the person who introduces themselves first gets the card (they should also demand for the card) . The person who has the maximum number of cards would be the winner.

The game was challenging yet interesting.

Warming Up –Mr.Neeraj got the group dancing to his energizers   and this was followed by warming up exercises like 8 Shakes, Jiguja and Ramzumzum.

Students enjoyed shaking themselves and stimulating every part of their body.

3 Exploration The teams were divided into 5 groups and each group was assigned with different games.

Team 1- Zipline

A zip-line consists of a pulley suspended on a cable, mounted on a slope. It is designed to enable a user propelled by gravity to travel from the top to the bottom of the inclined cable by holding on to, or attaching to, the freely moving pulley. Zip-lines come in many forms, most often used as a means of entertainment.

It was fun climbing a ladder, holding a cable and moving down a slope.

Team 2-  Tightrope walking

Tight wire is the skill of maintaining balance while walking along a tensioned wire between two points.

Balancing self and walking on the wire was a challenging task for many of them, students performed this activity motivating others and shouting’ Rise through the ashes’.

Team 3- Archery

Archery is the sport, practice or skill of using a bow to propel arrows. The word comes from the Latin arcus.

To concentrate, aim and shoot the target was tricky, but ‘the never give up attitude’ made them all use their bow and shoot the arrow at the target.

Team 4- Climbing a tree by Single Rope Technique

The single-rope technique (SRT) is used mainly for getting to the top of large trees that cannot be easily free-climbed. With the adequate hardware, a throw line, an attached weight, and a launching system, a climbing rope can be anchored to a branch very high in the tree. This is done by launching the weight over the desired limb and tying the climbing rope to the unweighted end. The climbing rope is then hauled over the branch by pulling on the throw line. The line is anchored to the trunk or to the high limb itself by running one end through a closed bight made in the other end. The climber then ascends the rope using a set of friction hitches or mechanical ascenders) to obtain the desired limb.

The enthusiasm in climbing the tree, reaching the branch and gliding down was a thrilling experience for the students and the teachers watching them climb.

Team 5-  Games with a purpose

Game 1- Hoola Hoop

Have the group stand in a line holding hands. This challenge is for the team to pass the hula hoop once through self, without anyone letting go. While performing this activity students realized , blaming or pointing fingers at others in the team is the first step to failure,

Game 2- Plank Walk

Teams race against each other with multiple participants from each team sharing a pair of planks…, This made them realize that it is one objective towards which the team should focus. Though all are unique, getting everyone to think alike is a task.


Game 3-  Pass the Ball

In this simple, fun highly competitive game, each team will be given a ball with the goal of getting the ball down to the end of the court in the fastest time possible without letting it fall. Handing off responsibilities, two-way communication, multi-tasking, balancing ,task management, controlling multiple variables, tactical planning and managing inter-team interactions were the learning outcomes of this game

Game 4-  Solve equation blind folded

Testing both mathematical skills and concentration power of the team, one team member is blind folded, each team are given an equation to solve and the team has to lead the blindfolded member to the answer which remains scattered on the ground. The importance of clear communication was the learning of this game, also do not belittle anyone, and become equal to the youngest/weakest member of your team.

Game 5-  Rubber Mats

Stepping on only the mats and moving from one end to another and ensuring the whole team reaches the destination.

Facing the task as a team, synchronization and time management were some of the qualities learnt while performing this activity.

All the students were given an opportunity to perform all these activities.

Students had their lunch break while performing the activities at 1.30pm.

4 Recapitulation  It was time to recap  and recall the leadership qualities imbibed during the session

Students were made to assemble in the centre ground, starting with the youngest students in the ground; Mr. Christopher very meticulously made them recall all the qualities that are required to be a good leader.

Students shared their learning’s and motivated their team members also to share.

Following were few of the learning outcomes:

·         Be Focused

·         Transparent while communicating

·         Be confident

·         Have passion

·         Inspire and innovate

·         Have Patience  and be humble

·         Be positive and empower the team to be positive

·         Finally be accountable

5 Vote of thanks Student from Presidency RTN proposed the vote of Thanks.

After Tea, all the leaders went on a short trek.