Presidency School

Student council and prefectorial body


The student council is elected by a process of free and fair elections conducted in a very democratic and transparent way. The Investiture ceremony which inducts them into the cabinet is a solemn occasion with students taking oath. They promise to lead the school and their house keeping in mind the spirit of competition and fairness. The student council attend the Leadership Workshop which exposes them to various interactive sessions of lecture and activities. The workshop focuses mainly on team building skills and enhancement of leadership qualities among the cabinet members.

Sl. NoCategoryName of the studentsClass/section
1School Captain (Boy)Adithya Giri10A
2School Captain (Girl)Aleena Raj10A
3Sports Captain (Boy)Rohan10F
4Sports Captain (Girl)Samrutha Aravind10F
5Cultural Captain (Boy)Gagan Babuprasad10F
6Cultural Captain (Girl)Jhanvi10A
7Curie House Captain (Boy)Abhik Narendran10A
8Curie House Captain(Girl)Abhinaya10B
9Pele House Captain (Boy)Shreyansh Sharma10A
10Pele House Captain (Girl)Sri Raksha10D
11Tagore House Captain (Boy)Saketh Reddy10A
12Tagore House Captain (Girl)Arushi R S10F
13Da Vinci House Captain (Boy)Puvvada Shyamak10A
14Da Vinci House Captain (Girl)Safiya Anam Shariff10B

Cabinet List 2023-24

Sl. NoCategoryName of the studentsClass/section
1School Vice-Captain (boy)Sai Gokul9F
2School Vice-Captain (Girl)Ananya Srinivasan9F
3Sports Vice-Captain (Boy)Arham9C
4Sports Vice-Captain (Girl)Sharanya U9D
5Cultural Vice-Captain (Boy)Arnav9C
6Cultural Vice-Captain (Girl)Rakshita9B
7Curie House Vice-Captain (Boy)Adi9B
8Curie House Vice-Captain (Girl)Mahee9F
9Pele House Vice-Captain (Boy)Apoorv9A
10Pele House Vice-Captain (Girl)Isai B S9F
11Tagore House Vice-Captain (Boy)Adarsh Shenoy9A
12Tagore House Vice-Captain (Girl)Dakshata Gowda9D
13Da Vinci House Vice-Captain (Boy)Naman9B
14Da Vinci House Vice-Captain (Girl)Palak9C
15Head BoyMonish M Gowda12
16Head GirlSakina Mustafa Ali12
17Associate Head BoyAaradhya Mathur11
18Associate Head Gril Sakshi Maheshkumar Shettar11

Junior Cabinet List 2023-24

Sl. NoCategoryName of the studentsClass/section
1Junior Head BoyASHUTOSH M5C
2Junior Head GirlANVI POONACHA5B
3Junior House Captain – Da VinciNAINA NAJAM5D
4Junior House Captain – PeleNIRVI SKANDAA5D
5Junior House Captain – TagoreCHALUKYAKUMAR RAMAN5B
6Junior House Captain – CurieAYUSH PRATAP SINGH5D