Presidency School


Srikrit – SECOND PLACE in the SPEED MATH Challenge Competition conducted by Melio

Srikrit from St. Paul’s English School has secured the SECOND PLACE in the SPEED MATH Challenge Competition conducted by Melio which was held on 24th June 2021 for the Beginner Level. Theme for the SPEED MATH- June Challenge was “Area & Perimeter”. The participant has to answer 20 questions in 2min.

Melio conducts inter-school live online competition for Grades 1-8 students in Speed Math, GK Quiz, Storytelling, Public Speaking and Spelling Bee every month. Each challenge has 6-11 participants who join the video-call and perform. The top 3 winners are declared at the end of each challenge. All Melio participants start their challenges at the Beginner Level.

There are 6 levels – Beginner, Ace, Hotshot, Prodigy, Ninja and Genius for each challenge. & Srikrit has levelled up to Ace.

Saakshi Mysore Achievement

Saakshi Mysore of Grade 9, St. Pauls English School has been showered with Awards through this year due to her brilliant performances. Some are:
Best Performer for Choreography and Bharatanatyam performance as part of online competition conducted by Karur Natyanjali, Tamil Nadu.
Platinum Award in International level Bharatanatyam competition conducted by Spring Nectar Foundation, Los Angeles. This involved four rounds of rigorous performance with over 1,800 participants worldwide. Saakshi Mysore has won first prize at National level in Bharatanatyam competition conducted by ALCO, Pune.
Won the title of Kala Varshini by competing in international level online Bharatanatyam dance competition conducted by Srishti, Udupi
Congratulations Saakshi, we extremely proud of you. Hope you continue dancing to the rhythm of music & life for countless years to come!

Teacher-Parent-Student Engagement in the Education World Preschool Grand Jury Awards 2020-21

We are extremely delighted to inform that Presidency Early Years, Jayanagar, is ranked India’s No. 4, Karnataka’s No. 1 and Bengaluru’s No. 1 in Teacher-Parent-Student Engagement in the Education World Preschool Grand Jury Awards 2020-21.

Congratulations to the Management, the Principal – Ms Susan Roy Thomas, Head of Kindergarten, Ms. Mildred D’souza, all the staff and dear parents who made this possible.

It is a proud moment for us, and we assure you that we will continue to aim only for the best for our children.

National level music competition Winner – Saatvik Mysore

Congratulations to Saatvik Mysore from St. Paul’s English School who won the FIRST PRIZE in National level music competition for one of his Flute Recitation, conducted by ALCO – PUNE. Keep it Saatvik !!

Annual Baroda Champ quiz competition Winners

The 34th Bank of Baroda Annual Baroda Champ quiz competition was conducted at Bank of Baroda, H.O, Trinity Circle. The quiz was conducted by Mr. Giri Balasubramaniam-Pickbrain.

Various Schools across Bangalore took part in the event. There was a preliminary written round of 25 questions for all the students. Top 8 teams from the prelims qualified for the finals on Stage.

Manvith Harikiran & Nidhish Palanikumar of St Paul’s English School emerged as the winners. They received a trophy and a cheque for an amount of Rs. 60,000/-.

Innovation in imparting Value Education Awards

Amid great pride and honour, ‘IACC ’ presented the ‘Imparting Value Education’, Our School won the award for Innovation in imparting Value Education.Ms.Mildred, Head Kindergarten and Ms. Janhavi, Coordinator represented the school in receiving the award. The chairman of Federation of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr. Sudhakar S Shetty and The chairman of Indo American Chamber of Commerce , Karnataka Mr.Vikram Mangharam gave away the prestigious awards .
We have received this award competing with more than 3000 school across Karnataka; this includes both schools from urban and rural areas.

Youth Inspiration Cup 2019 – Champion of Champion in Karate competition

Sree Gowri of Grade 8 -Winner of Youth Inspiration Cup 2019 – Champion of Champion in Karate competition conducted by World Authority Shotokan Karate Association at Pune.

Winners of the Vijaya Bank Quiz conducted by Vijaya Bank

Siddharth Bhat and Srikara of Grade 10 – Winners in the Vijaya Bank Quiz conducted by Vijaya Bank.


IIHM Hotel Institute this year took up a unique initiative of rewarding Teachers based on their contribution for imparting holistic education. the survey was conducted by Palash foundation of Delhi Schools.

Mrs. Geethamani from St. Paul’s English School was chosen as a recipient of the award. Principal Ms. Susan Roy had to nominate a teacher from her school, whom she felt had contributed selflessly towards imparting knowledge and helped students understand the related subjects .she chose Mrs. Geethamani as she has been working with the institution for 20years and is the most favorite and sought after teacher by the teenage students of the school.

Mrs. Gethamani was felicitated with a Trophy of Excellence on Wednesday 7th September at IITM Hotel School campus, Bangalore. The guests of honor for the occasion were renowned educationists who spoke about the multiple roles a teacher plays in the life of students.


Indian young brain Agnishikha Majumder studying in Grade III of St. Paul’s English School, J P Nagar, Bangalore reached to a new height by securing international first rank in “World Genius Search Examination, 2016” Conducted by World Genius Council. Beside this the also achieved several phenomenal altitudes in Olympiads, NSTSE, ASSET etc. just name a few.

Standard I:
  • Secured Gold medal in National Science Talent Search Examination leading to state rank 19.
  • And Gold medal in IEO with 1st rank in school.
  • Silver medal in NSO with 2nd rank in school.
  • Bronze medal in IMO with 3rd rank in school.
Standard II:
  • Achieved International 1st rank in World Genius Search Examination, 2016 and won Global Award and Trophy.
  • Secured Medal of Excellence in not only IEO but also in IMO while ranking 11th and 31st Internationally.
  • And Gold medal in NCO with state rank 33.
  • Bronze medal in NSO.
  • Won Gold Medal in NSTSE with National Rank 100.
Standard III:
  • Obtained “Certificate of Outstanding Performance” in ASSET.



Bharat Desh hai jaan hamari
Bharat hai abhimaan hamara
Pavitra Bhoomi mein janme ham
Ismein toh hai Jaan Hamari

Jabbhi kartra tha humpe toh
Janam diya isne veeron ko
Hath lagaya jisne hum ho,
Hila diya hai jadrse unko

Aaj hamein aabhaas na hota
Kitni peeda sahi bharat mata ne
Usne humko pyaar diya hai
Humne toh use maar dala hai

Chalo burai ka daag hataein
Saaf – surakshit desh banae
Ujwal bhavishya ki ummeed lekar,
Prakashit kardein hum jag sara

Chinmay Sahoo
Grade VIII

Sanjani’s Bharatanatyam

By Y.K. Sandhya Sharma Translated by Anil S Chakravarthy

Dancing with poise and grace, fourteen-year old Sanjani B. Rao studying in Grade 9 of St.Paul’s English School, J P Nagar, Bangalore was the darling of art lovers and the cynosure of all eyes at her recent debut at the J.S.S. auditorium in Bangalore on 29th July 2016. This young Bharatanatyam artiste enchanted the audience with her versatile “RangaPravesha” performance. Sanjani, who learned her craft under the tutelage of Guru Subhadra Prabhu, exhibited skill and maturity well beyond her tender years.

The performance started with an invocation to Lord Nataraja, the patron of dance, and a hearty welcome to her guru, her accompanists and the audience with the traditional “Pushpanjali”. Then a smiling Sanjani entered the stage and commenced her performance, dancing to the poem of Nataraja (raga Gambhiranaata, Adi tala). Her quick steps then became a paean to Lord Ganesha as she danced to the hymn “Sri Vighna Rajambhaje” (Khandachhapu tala) and illustrated the various facets of the elephant-headed Lord.

Without breaking a sweat, Sanjani danced to song after song as the tempo of the performance quickly increased. Her face now radiant, Sanjani danced the Jatiswara (raga Kalyani, Rupaka tala) with exceptional ease and delighted the packed auditorium. Next came the song “Sarasijaakshulu Jalaka Maade” (ragamaalika, Mishrachhapu tala) which was highlighted by Sanjani’s wonderful facial expressions. Her portrayal of Lord Krishna, the enfant terrible, was pleasing and memorable for its hand gestures and fancy footwork.

Sanjani then brought to life Papanasam Sivam’s varnam “Swami Nanunda Nadimai” (raga Naatakuranji, Adi tala). She had the audience agog with this five-part encomium to Lord Shiva, comprised of “Pallavi”, “Anupallavi” and “Charanas”. Her next act was set to Thanjavur Sankara Iyer’s “Mahadeva Shiva Shambho” (raga Revathi). Then, she mesmerized the audience as the fearsome Mahishasura Mardini in the well-known composition “Jayadurge Durgati Pariharini” which is a tribute to Goddess Chamundi. Sanjani vividly demonstrated the slaying of the demon Mahishasura and brought the audience to their feet.

That was not all … Sanjani then performed Purandaradaasa’s “Jaganmohanane Krishna” (raga Shanmukhapriya), the story of Krishna slaying the demon-snake Kalinga. Her exquisite moves in the style of Mandi Bhramari (knee Adavu), which Sanjani accomplished felicitously, enthralled the audience. The finale was the thillana “Yamunaa Teera Vihari” (raga Brindavana Saaranga) which was an unparalleled exhibition of Sanjani’s musical rhythm and devotion to the art of dance which she has learned from Guru Subhadra Prabhu. The finale was marked by Sanjani’s dance technique and precision.

This performance was directed by Guru Subhadra Prabhu who was also on nattuvangam (cymbal). Sanjani was accompanied by Smt. Rama Jagannath (vocal), Sri. Prasanna Simha (mridangam), Sri.Karthik (flute), and Sri.Somanna (violin).