Presidency School

Management Speak

" I welcome you to the new world of education at St Paul's English School"

Chairman's Message

Welcome to St Pauls English School. Ours is a premier school , known for its innovative and value based education. This institution is built up on impressive infrastructure which includes a beautiful campus, well stocked library, state-of-the-art laboratories and recreational amenities. Since the mission of the school is to impart quality education, it constantly strives to attract good faculty for its students and provides them with good infrastructure and in purposeful supportive environment. SPES faculty members represent a range of interests, expertise, and backgrounds as rich and diverse.

SPES prides itself on its accomplished teachers from across the globe, who are also renowned in the academic world for developing cornerstone theory, authoring enduring textbooks, and advancing creative thinking. At SPES, students will be challenged by rigorous courses, leading scholars and brilliant classmates to achieve academic excellence. As there is no substitute for hands-on experience the students will be presented with opportunities and apply knowledge to real world practice, thereby we continuously introduce hands-on learning environment where students can experience, practice and learn by doing. We are firm in our commitment towards producing competent and confident students who can successfully face their future challenges.

- Dr. Nissar Ahmed
   Chairman, Presidency Group of Institutions


" Success is a matter of choice and not chance"

Vice Chairman's Message

Choices of Victory– “Where the vision is one year, cultivate flowers. Where the vision is ten years, cultivate trees. Where the vision is eternity, cultivate people”.

I am happy to share this thought as a prelude to introducing you to this school, the vision of which is to turn out the young novices into value oriented and energetic citizens of tomorrow.

Every student who enters the environment of SPES is bound to experience the robust synergy of academic brilliance, value engineering through Value Added Course (VAP), a well read and caring Faculty, warm and supportive social life, harmony, exciting extracurricular rendezvous and a student centric Management and all this against the backdrop of a youthful climate!!!

You are welcome to partner with us and make your academic endeavours fruitful and fulfilling. For ‘success is a matter of choice and not chance’.

- Mr. Suhael Ahmed
   Vice Chairman, Presidency Group of Institutions


Director's Message

Dear Parent,

Over a period of time, schools have emerged as temples of learning. Today, India is poised to emerge as an economic powerhouse, and the children of today will be the ones who will fuel the growth.

It’s in this context, that I am pleased and humbled to share some thoughts about SPES. We realize that every child that walks through the portals of SPES brings with him/her great creativity and talent, and we do our best to nurture and groom this invaluable asset.

It’s our aim to shape every student in our school to emerge as a model citizen of tomorrow, and hence we have carefully created the ambience and opportunities for them to grow into a complete individual.

We have a great team of committed, qualified and dedicated teachers who strive to make the process of teaching an interesting, fun and positive experience for the students. We encourage our teachers to constantly learn and grow through training programs that hone their skills and learn to harness the power of technology for more effective teaching.

Last, but not the least, we are committed to build a healthy relationship between the faculty, the students and the parents to create a warm and congenial atmosphere all around.

- Nafeesa Ahmed
   Director, Presidency Group of Institutions