Presidency School


Your little one’s little haven
School is where your child spends most of his childhood. School is where he/she learns new ideas, goes through new experiences, explores new worlds, makes new friends and creates a way of life that he/she is comfortable living in.A school therefore has to be a place where your child feels secure and free, to grow into a healthy and happy human being.SPES is an exceptional centre for learning. It’s not just a structure built with brick and mortar, but an institution where children can blossom to their potential by using all the available facilities in shaping their personalities.


SPES is equipped with spacious, modern classrooms. The learning atmosphere is livened with brightly painted furniture and colourful display boards.

Rooms are decorated with children’s work, giving them a strong sense of ownership and pride.Outside areas contain a wide range of child-friendly equipment and activities, with lots of greenery.