Presidency School

Co-curricular and exrta curricular activities


Students are exposed to various activities like Vocal and Instrumental music, Western Classical Music, Indian & Western Dance, Theatre & Dramatics, Debates, Elocution, Fine Arts, Martial Arts and Quiz. To satiate the sporting desire in every student we have the following programmes running through the week:

CO-CURRICULAR & Sports and activities

Along with academics extra-curricular activities plays a vital role in the development of the child’s overall growth. SPES has always encouraged children to explore their talent & have supported them in every walk..

Sports & Games in the curriculum has also been an important objective for a healthy and balanced growth of the school. Keeping this in mind the students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of indoor and outdoor games at the school.

Without taking away the unwavering focus from academics, we have included a wide range of sports and games in the curriculum to encourage a healthy and balanced growth of our students.

  • Outdoor sports include football, basketball, aerobics, tennis, cricket, yoga and karate
  • In addition to routine Arts and Craft activities, children enjoy creative pursuits like floral display, mask making, etc.
  • For children with focused interests, they can opt for participating in various Clubs – Math Club, Eco Club, Quiz, General Knowledge Club, Public speaking and Computer Clubs
  • Dance and Music activities include folk and classical dances, vocal and instrumental music
  • Field trips related to the themes of the curriculum are a common feature at St. Paul’s, especially for Kindergarten and primary school students. Students are trained to develop self- confidence and self-esteem so that they are able to take independent decisions. The school organizes trekking camps as well.
  • Talents of teachers at St. Paul’s are identified and tapped. They share their talents with the children, creating the ideal conditions for the students’ creativity to bloom. After all, a happy child will lead to a happy student who excels in academics too!
  • Keeping track of demands, new activities are also added from time to time.