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Children’s Day

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Kindergarten celebrations: It was no books day for the children of the KG level on 5th and 6th November as they celebrated Children’s Day. The children were all dressed in colourful clothes.

The significance of why we celebrate children’s day on this date was explained during the HRP period in all the classes. The teachers put up short skits on familiar stories, dances such as Koli dance, plays on Sita and Rama and they also enacted short stories and poems. The Hindi and Kannada teachers engaged the students with amazing puppet shows. The children enjoyed the fun filled games that were conducted for them. The highlight of the programme was a sing song session and a dance session organized for the students, where all of them participated. It was an incredible sight to see all the children tap their feet to some of the famous Bollywood tunes.

Art and craft activities were also done and the teachers presented their class students with cards, sweet and other delicacies. It was a memorable two days for all our KG children.

Primary Level celebrations: Children were all excited to come to school today in their colourful outfits to celebrate their day. The programme started around 10am in our school auditorium the students of Grade 1 to 5.

To begin with, invocation song was sung by Ms. Divya and this was followed by inaugural dance by Ms. Sneha. Ms. Suparna Bannerjee  grabbed the attention of the little ones with a  puppet show. The Math department teachers presented a group song [Lakdi ki kaathi]. Then Mr. Vinod –the art teacher presented a magic show ,which was followed by as skit on a classroom scenario by the LAR department .It was time for a fusion dance which was presented  by grade 1 teachers and subject teachers.

Last but not the least, the S.ST and G.SC department teachers walked on the Ramp wearing traditional costumes depicting the various states of India.

Middle and High School:
Students were amazed to see the abundance of talents hidden in their teachers when they presented a mime on ‘A day in school’. The   stage came alive with the old actresses of Bollywood walking on the Ramp; it was our Kannada and Hindi department teachers decked as celebrities. It was a short but memorable programme.