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Dress & Dazzle -Kindergarten

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Those of us who can remember our childhood, will recall how ardently we relished the moment of the bedtime story, when our mother or father would sit down beside us in the semi-dark and read from a book of fairy tales – Paul Auster

We decided that we could get our children of Presidency Early Years, JP Nagar to relive and dress up in a character from their favourite fairytale.

Our parents received invites requesting them to help their child dress in their child’s favourite character from their favourite fairytale. They were also requested to prepare them to speak briefly on the character/costume they were dressed in.

It was very interesting to see all the children transformed into characters from different fairytales. We had Peter Pans’, Cindrellas’, Rapunzels’, Ali Baba’, Robinhood’, Elves and so many other characters. View the pictures and video below for a glimpse of the event.