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Election Report of Cabinet Members 2017-18

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Election Report of Cabinet Members 2017-18

 During the election week, all the nominees campaigned for the respective posts with their logos and tag lines in the forefront.

It had started with the Grade 9 student contestants emailing their nomination papers bearing their respective logos, symbols, tag lines and mottos to the Principal.

Students from Grade 5 to Grade 10 voted for their leaders on 7th July 2017 using a computerized voting process.

Then, the Cabinet nominees were subjected to two rounds of grueling interview conducted by a panel of Grade 10 and 12 students and Panel of Senior teachers.

The Cabinet nominees participated in a group discussion moderated by the Principal Mrs. Susan Roy. They were all shown situational videos and asked to give their inputs to prove their mettle as future.

The students from grade 6 to 10 voted for their captains in a formal manner on July 7th, just as India votes for her leaders. After voting, they got their index finger inked.