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Election Report of Cabinet Members 2018-19

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The Process for choosing the right candidate for the School Cabinet began early June. Students interested in standing for the elections were asked to mail their Logo and their Resume to the Principal. The students then campaigned for their respective post in all the classes for 3 days during the HRP periods and lunch breaks.

The elections for the posts of school junior and senior cabinet members were held on July 7th 2018 in the computer lab , High School building. The voters were students from Grade V to XII. The elections were conducted by secret ballot and voting was done online.

The software was created by our students Manas of grade IX and Yajat of grade XII using languages C# sharp and SQL with the guidance of computer teachers.

The database of voters and contestants were already stored and this efficient planning helped in conducting the elections in an effective manner.

After counting the chosen candidates were put through a series of Interviews with the senior cabinet members and house mistresses.

This was followed by a final interview with the Principal.

The winners from the election will take their positions officially after the oath taking ceremony on the day of Investiture.