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Exhibition – Jhalak 2022

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Jhalak ,2020 was an exhibition with a difference. The thematic focus  of the exhibition was to explore the cultural heritage of India through different forms of art and display. After seeking the blessings of the almighty ,the event started with a grand symphony which saw the students performing both Carnatic classical and Western vocal and instrumental, followed by a splendid fusion composition. This musical extravaganza was conceptualized and guided by the music teachers Mr. Moses and Ms. Milagrina. This was followed by a dance magnum opus ‘ Nrityanjali’ representing the elements of Nature, where the students performed contemporary dance form. The different elements were showcased with confidence and grace by the students with spectacular costumes. The finale of the performance displayed the nurturing attribute of Mother Earth. The spectacular performance was choreographed by the dance teacher Mr. Surej.  The Kannada Department’s performance included music, dance and role -play.

The off-stage events were no less grand. There was a gallery-like display in the AV room, that saw different kinds of indigenous art and textile design exhibits, including Mahbubani, Kalamkari, Bandhni, tie and dye to name a few. The art exhibition aptly named Kalakriti, also had live photo session against an artistic backdrop.

The PE Department displayed a unique demonstration named ‘Grameena Krida Loka’ on village games, which brought back memories of simple village games. The allocated classes had charts and PPT shows to recreate the village ambience associated with the games. Parents, students and the teachers enthusiastically participated in the games.

The classrooms also had visual display of the different States of India, including regional and folk dances, cuisines, costumes, heritage models and many more. The décor of every class was a microcosm of the States that they represented. The exuberance of the students and the parents was remarkable.

Jhalak 2020 also reinforced the importance of personal hygiene and being mindful of the environment. The display named Let’s Talk – Period was a very useful effort by the students on menstrual health. It aimed at removing the taboo associated with menstruation. It was encouraging to see the boys eagerly participating for the same. This was received very well by the parents.

The importance of keeping our environment healthy was a commitment taken up by the team of students who put up their display on the 3Rs – Renew, Recycle, Reuse.

The exhibition was indeed a ‘Jhalak’ of the commitment, dedication and creative energies of the students and the teachers at Presidency School R.T. Nagar

Jhalak 2020 was a grand success, evident from the huge turnout of the parents and the excitement and admiration they expressed. Every child got an opportunity to exhibit their talent and showed remarkable team spirit.