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Ganesha Chaturthi virtual celebration-Early Years

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Ganesha the elephant-headed God is a very popular God of India. One child described him as ‘ a chubby little deity who is one of her favourite God’s’.

The children were dressed in ethnic wear and were all ready for the virtual celebration that was held on 19th August.

The teachers showed one-minute videos on ‘The Story of Ganesha’. They made slides and gave a voice over to make the event more meaningful. The children had an interactive session and were very excited to speak.

All the teachers organized an activity of making Ganesha’s, and his favourite food- modak and ladoos. They did these activities online using clay and wheat flour dough mixed with natural colours; the photos taken were all of the Ganeshas made online. It was an interesting and exciting virtual celebration and the photos and video say it all.

We need to thank our parents for their enthusiasm and for keeping everything ready for the virtual celebration.