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As a part of the Parent Connect Programme, our Dentist Parent Dr. Khatijatul Kubra had an interactive session with our young learners of grades 1 to 5.

This was the  perfect occasion to put oral health back on the classroom agenda and teach valuable oral health education. It was a great way to engage children in positive oral health messages, whether it was demonstrating good tooth brushing techniques, giving lessons on sugar in food and healthy diets, and  simply good day-to-day advice on oral health routines.

The children were actually made to feel comfortable with the sights and the sounds of the dental practice, as well as easing any anxiety they may have had  about a trip to the dentist.

The lessons learnt are vital in their early years and wellbeing, having positive effects not only now, but in the future too.

Having a Dentist visit our School was not only a wonderful community activity, but also drew  tremendous goodwill for the practice too.

We thank Dr.Khatijatul Kubra for her enthusiasm and Connect that drew children closer to a Dentist friend.