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On 30th January 2016, a Science exhibition was held in the School premises. It was a roaring success, much appreciated by parents. Our Paulite’s left no stone unturned to make Chemistry, Physics, and Biology models come alive in their classrooms. Some of the models which were admired and won accolades were:-
Chemistry –  Hover craft, Electricity through water, Surface tension, Separation of mixture, Rainbow  density.

Biology  –   Purity of honey, Root and shoot modifications, working model of Kidney, Human Circulatory system, Osmosis, Respiration in humans.

Physics   –   Bling bug, My Optical Lab, Rubber band car, Projector, A rowing boat, Dynamo

Mathematics –   Models and exhibits went one step ahead in brilliance. Square numbers, Maths application in medicines, Binomial theorem, Maths riddles, Vedic maths, Cosmic calendars were the ones which were marveled at by most of the parents.

Students with a lot of enthusiasm, explained each and every aspect of the model they made, quizzed parents and teachers to make sure that they too understood and appreciated the hard work put in by them. Overall, ‘Prayoga’ was an enriching experience, innovative and mind blowing.