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Republic Day Celebrations

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‘जिंदगी जब तुझको समझा, मौत फिर क्या चीज है ऐ वतन तू हीं बता, तुझसे बड़ी क्या चीज है”

This patriotic emotions were in the air from 24th January 2018, when the practice session began for the Republic day celebrations at Paul’s. Amidst lot of activities happening, the social studies department was engrossed in making this day a successful one.

With the arrival of the chief guest at 9.00 am, the function began with the traditional welcome, bugles and the drums became active with the guard of honour for Mr. Neeraj Kumar – Human Relations Officer from YUKOGAWA.

Our National flag was hoisted with great respect by the Guest who was accompanied by Ms. Susan Roy and Mr. Anish while the choir sang the National Anthem.

The gathering then moved to the auditorium.  After a formal welcome address, the choir sang the time honoured Vande Mataram song. Ms. Babitha from social studies department spoke on the significance of Republic day. This was followed by Kannada patriotic song and a Kannada skit.

The skit stole the show as the students portrayed the cause of MAHADAYI river conflict happening in the state. A patriotic dance performance added colour to the event.

As Principal Ms. Susan Roy gave the Republic day message, she narrated an incident which proves ‘Why Gandhiji Is called Mahatma and not all of us?

she prompted students to think on these lines and work on feelings of the brotherhood.

The Chief Guest in his  address touched on many social aspects of the present Indian society and motivated students to give back to the society. He shared a lot of short stories.

This day was thought to be the best day to facilitate Paulites who had made their school proud in many areas like theatre, NGSE examinations and sports.

The event came to an end with a song in Hindi’ Yeh desh hai mera, swadesh hai mera,’ Yes this country is ours ,let’s keep her safe and make her feel secured by being responsible citizens .

Jai Hind… “हिन्दी हैं हम वतन हैं, हिन्दोस्तां हमारा ”