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Social Outreach

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Social Outreach

St. Paul’s English School learners of Grades 1&2, were able to understand the meaning of the term- Social responsibility, Learn to share and care for the needy & Thank the people who help when in need through a social outreach programme organised by the school.

The class teacher initiated the activity after sharing the importance of sharing and caring- that it is about giving, contributing, thanking and helping those who help us and keep us safe. Teachers showed how to make a goodie bag using the newspaper or a A4 size colour sheet. Students were able to follow the instructions and they made goodie bags along with the teacher. The students were creative and designed their own goodie bags. Then the teachers instructed the students to add a mask and sanitizer to it. The students then handed over the goodie bag to the person whom they felt had helped them during the pandemic like their housemaids, housekeeping staff in the apartment, security, Doctors and paramedical staff , delivery boys and so on.

The activity was indeed valuable and it sent a message to students to always help, share, care and thank people around . Students found it interesting and were engrossed in the activity. They were excited to give the goodie bags, masks and sanitizers to the people who helped them.