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Teacher’s Day

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It is universally believed that teaching is the only profession that makes other professions grow and that Teachers are the reason why ordinary students aspire to do extraordinary things. Grade 10,11 and 12 students of St. Paul’s put up a spectacular show for their teachers on Saturday the 4th of September to salute their contributions towards education even in the most difficult of circumstances.
The event began with an allfaith invocation song rendered by the choir, followed by a dance performance on the theme ‘Retro to Metro’. Both the song and the dance performance were mind blowing —graceful and melodious. It brought out the talent, creativity and the immense love and respect our Paulites have for their Alma Mater and Teachers. Hats off to our charming Paulites.

Next the students who believed that the essence of a celebration was games, had a bunch of unique games lined up for their teachers to participate. They were Heads up, Flip the cup ,Word Sneak and Mad Ads. Each of the games outshone the other. They were planned, organised and executed meticulously by Arwa, Devansh and Prakruthi who lead from the front supported by others .It was fun filled, innovative and at the same time thought provoking. The eagerness with which all the teachers of Kindergarten ,Primary, Middle and High School participated—–said it all. Susan Ma’am in her message profusely thanked the students for the wonderful show they had put up and the teachers for their active participation. The celebrations ended with lunch—– a sumptuous, delicious one provided by the Management. All the teachers went home feeling good and with the thought that technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the students working together and motivating them, the Teacher is the most important.