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World Environment Day

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Through out the world, World Environment Day is celebrated

to create awareness on the importance of protecting

MOTHER NATURE and the only living planet EARTH. In every classroom during the HRP period, the class teachers of each class explained to the students the importance of celebrating this day.

Primary Assembly

  • Grade 5 A,B,C,D & E
  • A special assembly was conducted by the students of class V with an invocation song and an inspiring thought.
  • News for the day including weather report, international news were read.
  • Two students bought awareness to save the environment through a speech, where the emphasize was on the theme.
  • A group presented a song on Mother Earth.
  • Important awareness about saving our Mother Earth were displayed on placards, each placard carried a message for the students.
  • The Vice Principal addressed the students, gave them small tips on how they could help save the planet earth, and briefed the students on the activities and competitions for the month of June.
  • This was followed by a short meditation exercise.


Pot a Plant Grade 2

The children were told about the consequences of air pollution, global warming, the need for planting of saplings etc they were told the reason why the seeds were sown in the school garden, as a measure to improve the greenery in the city. Later after lunch break, Environment Day was celebrated by Grade 2 students in ground. The programme commenced with a welcome address by the Principal.

Then the parents and children sowed variety of seeds with the assistance of the school gardener in the school garden. They sowed Coriander, Fenugreek and Raagi seeds . They were followed by the rest of the class. Students were so excited to sow the Seeds.
Entirely, it was an informative celebration.

The month of June, has its own significance with the celebrations of Environment Day. To imbibe the quality of saving our mother nature from being exploited & harmed, the students were enhanced with the knowledge of how to protect our nature and to maintain greenery everywhere around.

Say No To Plastic

 Grade 3, 4 & 5

This year, our young and enthusiastic Paulites, were determined to tell the world, to STOP USING PLASTICS, which is one of the main reason for environment pollution. To enhance the same, the students of Grade 3,4 & 5 made a paper bag  each(Best out of  waste). They happily participated in the activity and have set an example to everyone, that there can definitely be a best out of waste!

Planting of saplings

Sanjana. M studying in class 5th D section participated in plantation of saplings at Mandur forest (outskirts of Bangalore) on 5th of June (world Environmental Day ) organized by Eco Green Force with support of KFD.