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World Ocean Day

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World Ocean Day is a worldwide initiative by the United Nations to spread knowledge and awareness about the vast expanse of ocean on the Earth. It is based on the idea of preserving the infinite number of life forms and coral reefs that are a part of the ocean, and being aware of how human actions can harm their natural habitat.
Keeping this is mind, we at St. Paul’s English School, celebrated World Ocean Day to highlight the importance of water bodies as they provide shelter to countless Fauna and Flora. Insightful presentations on the ocean was shared through the video as they drew Children drew pictures of ocean animals and colored them. Students of Grade 3, designed creative and colorful cards with aquatic animals.
The students of grade 5A, B and F drew pictures of extinct marine animals with a note about the reason for its extinction while the students of Grade 5C, E and D made posters, wall hangings with cutouts of aquatic animals found in oceans by using paper/ cardboard, stick and thread.
On the whole it was a fun filled activity and children enjoyed a lot.